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Hi everyone,

Due to project changes and funding, I have to stop this project.
You are always welcome to use the twitter backgrounds that are already made.

Want more designs anyway!

If you are not satisfied and want some more designs – Please contact me through my company ComputerArts.dk. You can find more contact details on my website: www.ComputerArts.dk.

Thanks to the people who participated and to others for stopping by.


You can use these twitterdesigns as your background on twitter 🙂

You are not allowed to modify them or remove/crop any of detail of of the backgrounds – these are made FREE for you as a part of my branding of me and my designer company 🙂

I would be happy if you could post a “thanks” in the comments – it only takes 10 seconds 🙂 Thanks!

FREE Twitter background

VIP Twitter

FREE twitter background

I Love my iPhone

FREE Twitter image

Photographer in Paris

FREE for twitter - pimp my twitter

In The Military

FREE twitter design by ComputerArts.dk

Sexy calm skyline after sunset

It’s been a twitter night for me here in Denmark. This time i have designed a twitter background for http://twitter.com/asexiness

I got inspired by her blog http://www.accidentalsexiness.com/ and got tempted to do something in similar colors and also design a beautiful new yorker skyline…

I hope she will like it … If  any of you want to change something in the design, you are very welcome to ask for it – and I will only charge my hourly fee. Read more or contact me through http://www.ComputerArts.dk

Change the background color to: #241504 for a better look 🙂

FREE twitter design by ComputerArts.dk

FREE twitter design by ComputerArts.dk


Enjoy some of my FREE stuff…

And heres a modified version with a miami skyline 🙂

FREE Miami twitter

A Miami version...

Yet another FREE design made by ComputerArts.dk to a fellow twitter…

This time i got inspired by the whole “Paris” scene. There are so many great things to photograph in Paris and i wished i could have used ParisWorkps’s own pictures on Flickr – but they where too small.. 😦 I luckily found other pictures i could use for this design.

Unfortunately the design of http://parisworkshops.com is not working too well and I wanted to give the owner a new idea for his website by presenting this new FREE twitter design… maybe he/she will be inspired?

Please contact me if you want a good offer on a re-design of your website 😉

Enjoy your free twitter design 🙂
(its free as long as you keep the credits “design by ComputerArts.dk” on the picture)

FREE twitter design by ComputerArts.dk

FREE design by ComputerArts.dk / Mark Barner

Twitter profile before!

I have finally gotten time to make a free design for Phoapps twitter profile.

The design is inspired by phapps temp. website… Enjoy your FREE twitter design.

Phoapps Free twitter design by ComputerArts.dk

New background image

phoapps twitter before

Old twitter profile

Even though i’m working most of the time I took extra time (at night) to design something smooth for Ministeren. I often try to get designs finished as soon as possible – but i’m also a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my productions… Enjoy this free design Inspirationsminister 🙂

Set your background color to #39363c to make it perfect!


design by ComputerArts.dk

FREE design by ComputerArts.dk


design by ComputerArts.dk



AskRealMilitary new FREE design by ComputerArts.dk

AskRealMilitary new FREE design by ComputerArts.dk


AskRealMilitary before my FREE design

AskRealMilitary before my FREE design


Mark Ole Barner - Creative designer at ComputerArts.dk

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