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Based on information that you give me, I will design a Twitter background for you FOR FREE!
Send me a link to your twitter account. Don’t send me your login information. All I want is to find out who and what you are doing…
You are welcome to send me your wishes or color preferences – but I can’t promise I will listen or follow them.

My goal is to make a 100 FREE twitter backgrounds. “Why?” you might ask – to help the world and to help my design bureau, www.computerarts.dk. This is a promotion stunt that will benefit all participants…

I’m sorry but i can’t do everybody’s twitter background – I will help the first 100 requests I get through mail…
(don’t worry this is not a scam to collect emails or a way to spam you in the future – I will delete your emailadress and mails if you wish! This is my way of helping my fellow designlovers and network with people.

1. Leave a comment to this post (or click here) include a link to your twitter profile (ex.: http://www.twitter.com/computerartsdk) and a little information about your profile .
2. Please be polite in your email and Please tell all your friends – this way I help you and you help me 🙂
3. Download your pimped-twitter background picture from this blog.

I will brand every background with my small company logo ComputerArts.dk, which you are not allowed to remove. You may only use my material (backgrounds) if they are branded with “ComputerArts.dk” logo.
If you have a special request that you wish to pay for – please book the assignment through the ComputerArts.dk website: www.computerarts.dk



Mark Ole Barner - Creative designer at ComputerArts.dk

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